If there is any doubt in your mind that Links are dead, or that High Quality, High Authority, High PR Links are useless now, let me try and clear this up for you. Links have and will be for the near future what drives Rankings. When a Site that has some Authority links to your Site this is very beneficial for you in many ways. Not only are they sending you traffic, but they are also passing Link Juice to you, which in turn will increase your Authority and your Rankings. For those of you that think you can somehow rank a site by using Social SEO, I would love to see some data or case studies of how you ranked a site with the minimum “Medium Competition” and not just some strange Long Tail Phrase. We have been in the SEO & Internet Marketing Field for over 10 years and we know for  a fact that High Authority High PageRank Links can and will get you to page 1. If for some reason you consider this to be unethical or against the guidelines, let me just tell you gain that any form of manipulation of the Search Results is against the guidelines. This means Social SEO & Link Building are both a form of manipulation, so either way you are doing what you need to do to get your site ranked. When we refer to High PR Links, we do not mean Spam in any way, we are talking about Real Sites, with Real Traffic, that decided for some reason that you deserved to be mentioned in their content. For whatever reason that is, you should take it. For those of you with doubt, we would be happy to provide numerous sites that we have gotten ranked on page 1 using these High PageRank Links.

Let me be really clear, we are also not talking about those so called “Private Blog Networks” that advertise all over Forums and Banner Ads. Those are all just a keystroke away from death, because the minute you start advertising a Service that is somewhat controversial you are taking a big risk, and investing in those services is probably the dumbest thing you could possibly do.

So not only are we absolutely positive that these types of links work, but we are also sure that they will increase the Authority of your site, and they will help to increase the PageRank of your site too. The only way that these links can or would be harmful is if you buy them from someone who advertised on a Forum, or they are considered Spam. If anyone would like some help in acquiring these High PR Links or would like advice before spending money, please feel free to leave a comment or fill out our contact form and we will try and get back to you as soon as possible.


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